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We look after the closest thing to you, your clothes. Through our 50 years of experience we have found that the tried and true dry cleaning methods not only clean your clothes but also condition them leaving them smelling like new.

When we set up our current state of the art dry cleaning facility, we considered all of our options. We carefully researched all the technologies available to us, including newer water-based dry cleaning methods. After carefully considering the newest machines and techniques, we chose not to adopt the water based dry cleaning methods, which have gained popularity in recent years, for three reasons:

  • The result lacks the quality that the tried and true solvent based dry cleaning methods produce and we are committed to delivery outstanding results for our client.
  • The various new water based dry cleaning methods can actually damage items of clothing that are labeled as not being able to be washed.
  • The water based dry cleaning chemicals are usually flushed down the drain like your domestic washing machine waste, whereas Snowtex only use the best solvents for your clothes and all waste is totally recycled; our cleaning products do not end up in our waterways.

The proof that we made the right decision about which dry cleaning method to use has been our customers’ feedback about the quality of their clothes in comparison to new customers who have brought us damaged garments from dry cleaners using various new water-based dry cleaning methods which are not fully developed.

As a result, Snowtex Dry Cleaners are now providing valet and guest dry cleaning services to over 35 of Adelaide’s major hotels and servicing international guests from all over the world. We also have in excess of 30 dry cleaning service agents and depots across the Adelaide CBD and most Metro areas where you can drop off and pick up your clothes to get the quality Snowtex dry cleaning result.

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