Corporate and Uniform Laundry Service

Imagine how the image of your business will improve if each day your staff go about their work in a clean, smartly pressed company uniform. It has been shown from studies that well designed, well maintained uniforms can help improve morale, self image, performance and customer service.

At Snowtex we specialise in the following:

  • High Visibility Work-wear
    Your hi vis garments can represent a big investment and it makes sense to leave their upkeep and maintenance to the Snowtex dry cleaning experts. High visibility clothing comes in many material configurations and styles: cotton, synthetics, blends, and even plastic polymers. Correct washing and drying procedures are essential to minimise the potential for fading and reduction in effectiveness of the fluorescent colouration. Garments with torn or loose reflective tape strips will also decrease overall safety levels in night time or low light work environments. Our tried and tested cleaning procedures and expert alterations staff will preserve the integrity of your hi vis clothing at all times and ensure compliance with manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Sterile Work-wear, for Food, Catering and Medical Industries
    When working in the food or medical industries it is vital to keep your work-wear sterile to avoid cross contamination or infection. In fact, it can even be a life or death situation. Trusting your work-wear to the professional dry cleaners at Snowtex, not only provides you with a well-presented workforce, but also ensures that you will not have any concerns about sterilisation.

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